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Open source and affordable VR eye tracker platform for Social VR Games via OSC and UDP protocol.

Want to get started? Check out the getting started page and then the full build guide.


This project is in active development. However, it is working for most users.

About IR Emitter Safety

Please exercise caution when messing around with IR emitters.

IR can be dangerous to your eyes once at a certain power level. It is not recommended to use different emitters unless you know exactly what you are doing as it could result in harm to your eyes. If you doubt yourself, just do exactly what we do. Don't use different emitters, don't use different means of power, etc.


It is important that you DO NOT BYPASS (OR NOT DO) ANY SAFETY FEATURES PUT IN PLACE. This can result in irreversible bodily harm.

The safety measures were put in place to REDUCE the potential failure risk. All further safety responsibilities are on the user. This includes visually checking with an IR camera that the brightness is correct and that you do not feel warmth or experience short-term effects after being exposed to the IR light (symptoms such as dark spots or dry/warm feeling eyes while actively using). While we strive to make EyeTrackVR as safe as possible, we do not hold any responsibility for damage done.

Please pay attention

Make sure you are using non-focused emitters and no more than 5 mW/sr total power.

Want to see the safety data sheets?

Effect of infrared radiation on the lens

AN002_Details on photobiological safety of LED light sources

Training-library Nir Stds

ICNIRP: Guidelines of limits of exposure to broad-band incoherent optical radiation (0.38 to 3 µm)


Please check out our parts list and hardware repo. for information regarding hardware.


Our firmware called OpenIris is made by lorow found here.

Headset support

In theory, we are compatible with every VR headset. However, mounts may not have been made yet. Please take a look at our list of 3d printable mounts and see if your headset is on the list. If it is not listed, It is recommended that you try to make a mount, or wait for a skilled community member to create one.


Please join our discord for updates and any questions. We hope to see you there!

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GitHub license

All software is under the MIT License. All documentation, including the Wiki, is under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-4.0 license.

Released under the MIT License.