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Things To Know Before You Start

This page is an overview of things to know and understand before you start this project

Software is not final

Bugs can and will occur which may hinder the experience or usability at times. Do not expect 100% reliable and perfect function. Not all features are fully developed yet.

Firmware may have user difficulties

Our firmware has not been tested widely so issues may creep up.

IR emitters are dangerous

If handled wrong or precautions are ignored you can and will cause damage to your eyes. Please make sure to only buy linked ones or ones with specs that match exactly. We will not be responsible for damage caused if you go your own route.

Documentation may be incomplete

Important steps may be missing.

You will need to set up your avatar to use this

This will require basic knowledge of Unity and ownership of your own avatar. Note: The 2.0 beta version of our app uses VRC's Native eye tracking, which does NOT require a special avatar.

Once you have acknowledged the items above, move on to the Full Build Guide

Released under the MIT License.