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Build the app from source

This guide will show how to build the app from source


This is NOT a required step, you do not need to build the app from source.


Install Python

EyeTrackVR is currently using Python 3.11.0 Before you continue, please install it.

Installing Poetry

Starting with version 0.1.7, EyeTrackVR uses Poetry to manage app dependencies. To build the app, you must first install Poetry to fetch the required dependencies.

To install Poetry open Windows Powershell and run the following command (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -UseBasicParsing).Content | py -

Poetry Documentation

Install the required Python modules

After cloning the project and installing Poetry, open a command prompt in the EyeTrackApp folder. Then run the command: poetry install

This should install all of the required modules.

Build the app

Now, you should be ready to build the app. With a command prompt open in the EyeTrackApp folder, run the command poetry run pyinstaller eyetrackapp.spec

Give it time to build the app. Once done, the app should be under dist/eyetrackapp

Released under the MIT License.