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Creating Your Own Mount

This page will include a basic rundown on how to create your own camera mount for a headset that may not have any existing community mounts

So, you have a headset that does not have any mounts or none that work well for you. Here I will show some simple steps to get some form of a mount working.

Step 1: Find a way to mount to your headset's lens

The easiest way to get started is to find a lens protector for your headset. You can visit a website like Thingiverse or do a search for "3d printed lens protector for {your headset here}"

Example: Here is a lens protector for the Quest 1/2 and Rift S

Step 2: Find a camera mount

Now, you need a way to attach the camera. We have a basic design created by qdot, based on his mount on the hardware GitHub here

Alternatively, you can create your own mount if you have the skills.

Step 3: Place the camera mount where it will give a good camera angle

The "Ideal" location is a place that gives a good view of the pupil when looking to all extremes, the lower corners do a good job at getting there, or nearly there.

It is recommended to place the camera as close as possible to the headset's lens to maximize the view of the eye. I recommend looking at other headset mounts for inspiration.

Step 4: Mount your LEDs

You can either add parts to your mount for holding the LED boards or just glue them on. It's up to you and what works best for you, experiment!

Step 5: Test everything

It is unlikely you will get a perfect mount on the first try. Print, test, adjust, and repeat until you have a satisfactory mount. Good luck!

Step 6: Get your mounts listed

Send me the mount to be added to the docs here! You can upload it to Thingiverse or similar services, or just send me the .STLs via discord (Prohurtz#0001)

Released under the MIT License.